Patriots Starter Projections: Who’s in?

With the initial 53 man roster set, let’s look ahead to Week 1 and see who starts. This is simply a prediction of the starting 11 for both sides of the ball (and special teams) and it is barring any injuries that may happen. Let’s start with the offense. QB: Mac Jones. The 15th overallContinue reading “Patriots Starter Projections: Who’s in?”

Who Would Make A Patriots All Time Team?

This is something I’ve been wanting to discuss for a decent bit, if you could have every player who ever played for New England and put them on a team, what would that team look like? Who would make the team? Who would make the starting 11 on both sides of the ball? Well let’sContinue reading “Who Would Make A Patriots All Time Team?”

Patriots Pre-Training Camp Roster Projection

I’m back!!! For the NFL, Summer always ,means slow news and few stories, but with Patriots training camp on the horizon, I figured it’d be fun to try a roster projection. Please keep in mind that this is barring any big signings and blockbuster trades. QB: Cam Newton and Mac Jones Cut: Jarrett Stidham andContinue reading “Patriots Pre-Training Camp Roster Projection”