SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Brady does it again!!! (and other musings)

Tom Brady. That is all I need to say. I expected a close game that ended with Tampa Bay just getting out a victory over the Chiefs, but let’s not sugar coat it, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were embarrassed on live TV. They were soundly defeated to the tune of 31-9, withContinue reading “SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Brady does it again!!! (and other musings)”

SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Positives from the Patriots season

Missing the playoffs is never ideal, but after a subpar season, it’s always nice to go back and reflect upon what went well and what good things are in store, here are the 2 best things from last season, plus reasons to be excited for the future. The Rookies This was a fine draft class.Continue reading “SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Positives from the Patriots season”

Patriots finish strong and triumph over the Jets 28-14

The Patriots had some fun in the snow as they were victorious in their final game of the year, to end with a 7-9 record. (and put an end to a 2 game Jets win streak). While it is sad that New England will miss the playoffs, let’s just be happy about this victory overContinue reading “Patriots finish strong and triumph over the Jets 28-14”

Patriots get blown out by Bills 38-9

I have no words, I honestly don’t. I am unable to comprehend what I saw during that game. Losing always stings, getting blown out is worse, but when there is a complete lack of effort? That’s where I draw the line. The team was okay in the first quarter and things fell apart from there,Continue reading “Patriots get blown out by Bills 38-9”

Patriots eliminated from playoffs with 22-12 loss to Dolphins

I feel nothing, not pain, not sadness, not anger, just an emptiness. Honestly, I didn’t expect New England to make the playoffs so this isn’t a surprise, it just felt inevitable. The deck was stacked against them from the beginning, they lost Tom Brady, Jamie Collins, Kyle Van Noy, and Danny Shelton to free agency,Continue reading “Patriots eliminated from playoffs with 22-12 loss to Dolphins”

Patriots dealt a blow to playoff hopes after a painful 24-3 loss to the Rams.

Well, at least we beat them in the super bowl. The easiest thing to say is that the better team won, plain and simple, but this game in particular was aggravating to no end. The Rams ran all over the Patriots’ defense, having no answers for Cam Akers, but let’s be clear, the Rams weren’tContinue reading “Patriots dealt a blow to playoff hopes after a painful 24-3 loss to the Rams.”

Patriots demolish Chargers, 45-0 in an impressive shutout

The 3 phases of the game worked well together, offense, defense, AND special teams. It was hard to find fault in the Patriots absolute manhandling of the LA Chargers, with the win boosting them to 6-6. The offense was efficient and could score through the air and on the ground, the defense stifled the highContinue reading “Patriots demolish Chargers, 45-0 in an impressive shutout”

Patriots upset Cardinals 20-17 in a tight game.

All hail the great Nick Folk, he saves the day again, drilling the game winning field goal to cap off an ugly game. I have so many thoughts about this showing, it wasn’t a convincing win, there were many penalties and many more mistakes, but it was still a win. There weren’t many who expectedContinue reading “Patriots upset Cardinals 20-17 in a tight game.”

Patriots drop a winnable game to Texans, 27-20

This game was the definition of infuriating. Let’s address the elephant in the room first, what in the ever-loving heck happened to the defense? Reigning defensive player of the year, Stephon Gilmore and NFL interception leader JC Jackson were burned the entire game by little known tight end Jordan Akins and Will Fuller and BrandonContinue reading “Patriots drop a winnable game to Texans, 27-20”