The Patriots’ Quarterback Quandary: (2021 Edition)

With 2021 OTA’s underway in Foxboro, the Patriots still do not have a clear answer at quarterback. They technically have 4 possible options, in Cam Newton, Mac Jones, Jarrett Stidham, and Brian Hoyer, but let’s be honest, the starter will likely be either Newton or Jones. Hoyer is only there to be a journeyman mentor for Jones and Stidham will probably get cut (I don’t see that Pats keeping 4 quarterbacks on the roster), so the million dollar question is, “Who will start week one?”

Who will be the starter, Cam Newton or Mac Jones?

It is important to note that Cam has a bone bruise in his throwing hand and will miss the rest of OTA’s and probably mandatory minicamp, but reports say that he should be good to go for training camp. Jones should take this opportunity to prove himself and get a leg up on the competition before training camp.

Newton is in a totally different spot, he knows the playbook better and he is healed from his should ailments from last season. Thus far, his throwing motion has improved and so has his accuracy, but many say that his footwork and movements are still awkward and unreliable. So how has Jones fared? For starters, Coach Belichick has raved about Jones’ ability and that he has earned a tremendous amount of respect in the locker room. He stays up until 2 in the morning studying film and learning the playbook and from what he’s done on the practice field, you’d think he’s been there for a year already.

Every day, I grow more and more confident in Jones and if he keeps this up, he will be the week one starter, but Newton has system experience and that goes a long way. We’ll just have to wait for training camp.

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