SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Patriots Select Mac Jones 15th Overall

The 1st round of the NFL Draft has come and gone and the Patriots (contrary to the swirling rumors) stayed put at 15 and drafted Alabama quarterback, Mac Jones, 15th overall. Right of the bat, this is a perfect fit for New England and they didn’t have to trade a future first rounder to get him, he just fell right in their lap, which is nice since he could have gone as early as 3rd overall.

When looking at him, there is a lot to like. For example, Jones comes from University of Alabama, they pump out stars every year and their pro-style game planning puts Jones another step further to being NFL ready. Jones is a natural leader and a winner, who led Alabama to a national championship last season. He’s a safe player who can come in and be a fine game manager right away, but with the proper coaching, can be something special. There are some concerns about his mobility and ability to scramble, but the Patriots have had 20 years of success with an unathletic quarterback, so take that with a grain of salt. What is really great about Jones is his enthusiasm to be a Patriot, he has confirmed that this was where he wanted to go all along and he’s ready to get to work. Let the quarterback competition begin…

(The rest of the drafted prospects will be covered together in a Patriots draft recap article)

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