SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Running it back with Cam Newton

The Patriots have officially resigned Cam Newton to 1 year, $14 million deal. The deal is laden with incentives and not much is guaranteed, with $6 million being tied to honors alone. The Patriots are excited for Newton’s return and believe that he has a “fair chance this time”, seeing has he knows the playbook, the personnel, and now has a full offseason, and already is a welcome presence in the locker room. So far, it looks like the fan base is split on this, with one side being happy to have him back and the other side, who already is writing off next season.

I happen to have 2 experts who are well versed in Patriots football to give their 2 cents:

Ben Pope from Oracle Sports Show, likes the deal. He views it as very low risk with a good reward and he thinks Newton will be fine so long as he has weapons. Ben also wouldn’t rule out drafting a quarterback to sit behind Newton to develop.

CD Caraballo, owner of the Pats.365 Instagram page, is a huge supporter of Cam Newton. He expressed that you can’t judge him based off one season with so much going against him, like a new team, no weapons, battling COVID, and no preseason/no real offseason. This year he has help and he says it’s time to run it back.

It has been said that New England hasn’t ruled out bringing in another quarterback to develop and ideally this would likely be done through the draft. Personally, I wouldn’t trade up for a quarterback just to sit him on the bench, so I’d use a day 2 pick on one, someone like Kellen Mond or Kyle Trask. But there are 2 quarterbacks linked to the Patriots, North Dakota State’s Trey Lance and Alabama’s Mac Jones. Many believe that the Patriots will select Jones at 15 if he falls to them but there’s no way to tell. There are also rumors of the Patriots trading up for a quarterback (many speculate Trey Lance), but I find it unlikely. I would roll with Cam and use a day 2 or early day 3 pick on a QB, but only time will tell, but until then… welcome back Cam!!!

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