New England’s Quarterback Quandary

The offseason is upon us, and for once, nobody knows who New England’s starting signal caller will be next season. If you go by reports, the Patriots will look to sign an average veteran and then load up the offense with weapons, also some reports say that the Pats want their QB situation figured up BEFORE free agency, so they can lure in some good talent around said QB. Do with that what you will, but we also have heard that the Pats with be “extremely and uncharacteristically aggressive” this offseason, so nobody knows what Belichick is going to do next.

Bill Belichick has some tricks up his sleeve this offseason

If he wants it sorted out before free agency, that would mean bringing back Cam Newton or trading for someone else. However, if the getting an average veteran rumor is true, then (keeping in mind everything else) the Pats would have 2 options that have been hinted at and that would make sense. They would either bring back Cam Newton or trade for Marcus Mariota, unless there’s some mysterious 3rd option that only Belichick knows about (there probably is).

Many believe that the Patriots are high on Mariota. He showed flashes as the backup QB for the Las Vegas Raiders and is younger than Cam and a trade would be easy to pull off, as it shouldn’t take more than a 5th round pick. Mariota is fast and has decent arm strength with quick decision making and he has potential, after all, he was the 2nd overall pick in 2015. The biggest issue is his injury history, which would scare off many teams, but the Patriots have a great offensive line so this shouldn’t be too bad.

I wouldn’t be against bringing back Newton either. He didn’t have the best year, but that can be attributed to a number of factors, catching COVID, a lack of weapons, and his first season in the notoriously difficult Patriots’ system. Reportedly, Bill Belichick has raved about Cam Newton’s potential and there is a mutual respect, but there is concern over an apparent shoulder issue with Newton, which can be alarming to many. But his presence in the locker room and chemistry with the team were great, despite a subpar season. It would be a good idea to try again with Newton, he still has much potential in New England.

These are the 2 most likely options at QB. Who would you rather have?

This is a quick player comparison, showing which QB is better in a certain area. X means that this player is better in that area, = means they are about the same

Cam NewtonSkill/TraitMarcus Mariota
XArm strength
XBig play ability
XFootball IQ

We shall see in the coming months, but never count out the possibility of an early free agency signing, such as Ryan Fitzpatrick or Jacoby Brissett. Or maybe a Jimmy Garoppolo trade? I don’t know. But we will find out soon…

One thought on “New England’s Quarterback Quandary

  1. In the comparison chart, “Arm strength” is a question. Last season it seemed like Cam couldnt throw it 10 yards. Then early in the season and the last game, he showed he could chuck it. Who knows.
    Tic toc, all will be sorted out soon!


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