Patriots collapse in a brutal loss to the 49ers 33-6

I never thought that I’d miss last week’s performance against Denver, alas here we are. This was a disastrous game and there is no silver lining, no positives whatsoever. Cam Newton threw an ungodly three interceptions and was benched for Jarrett Stidham late in the game (who also had an interception as well). The 49ers picked the Patriots apart on offense and defense and the Patriots couldn’t get much of anything going.

The lack of receiving threats doomed the Patriots. Credit Brian Fluharty/USA TODAY Sports Image

The Patriots’ defense was beat by the legs of Jeff Wilson Jr., who came seemingly out of nowhere and ran for 3 touchdowns. Jimmy Garoppolo, threw 2 interceptions, but that was about it defensively, he still threw for 277 yards on 80% completion passing-wise. There aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to describe the nausea I felt watching New England get blown out on their home soil. The 49ers defense covered everyone and pressured Newton and Stidham repeatedly forcing mistake after mistake. Let me be clear, I don’t quite place the blame on Newton, 2/3 interceptions weren’t even his fault. On on pick, Jakobi Meyers just fell down and that allowed the safety to have an uncontested pick. The other bounced off of Julian Edelman’s hands and right to a defensive player, but Newton’s first INT was just a bad read on his end. Nobody on this offense can seem to get separation, a matter only made worse by a N’Keal Harry head injury, (likely a concussion that will sideline him for a short time).

OUCH! (Credit to Lawyer Milloy)

With New England’s offensive woes, there is one looming question: what’s next? Bill Belichick is surely unhappy with this performance and there will almost definitely be some roster reshuffling. I stand by my opinion that the Patriots must make a trade in order to stay competitive, but there is a scarier alternative, tanking. Many have speculated that the Patriots will tank for a top draft pick, but this isn’t the Bill Belichick way, I highly doubt they will, but if they want to still be a contender for the playoffs, a trade must happen. Many speculate that the Pats will target John Ross, Will Fuller, Golden Tate, Evan Engram, or David Njoku, but those are only rumors. The Patriots are at a crossroads and fans will watch will bated breath as Coach Belichick decides how to handle the future. In the mean time, New England will travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills next week for a divisional showdown.

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One thought on “Patriots collapse in a brutal loss to the 49ers 33-6

  1. Yeah….. that was tough. Skill positions are weak, defense struggled, tacking high… not sure what is going on but I trust BB to straighten it out. Start trading & planning for next year.


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