SNAP JUDGEMENTS: Sony Michel and N’Keal Harry’s bright future

There are many who believe that Patriots 1st rounders Sony Michel and N’Keal Harry are draft busts, this is not the case. N’Keal Harry is only in his sophomore season and Sony Michel is in his 3rd season and has proven himself to be a capable running back. These are their stats so far this season: Sony Michel has 173 yards and 1 touchdown through 3 games. Though this may not be too impressive, it is important to note that the Patriots use a running back by committee. N’Keal harry has 15 catches and 145 yards through 3 games.

Sony Michel and N’Keal Harry’s situation isn’t as dire as people think

Some may point out to Michel and Harry’s injury woes and while that is true, they’re still young and it’s unfair to give them the “bust” label. Michel has ran for over 900 yards in each of his 1st two seasons and carried the Patriots past the Chargers, Chiefs, and Rams in his rookie season. The offensive line has been injured this season and last season, so it makes sense why his numbers aren’t as great, but he has still been the Patriots’ lead back and at this point in time he is only getting warmed up, especially after an 100 yard performance against the Raiders.

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Sony Michel is just getting started (Credit Getty Images)

N’Keal Harry is an interesting case. He was injured for over half of the season after being drafted and rarely was thrown to when healthy, which is strange as New England drafted a receiver for Tom Brady but Brady insisted on throwing only to Julian Edelman. Now with Cam Newton, Harry has seen more targets and has found more success in the new Patriots offense. With Edelman playing in his 12th season, the Patriots like what they have in N’Keal Harry and he may be the new WR1 in the coming years. he has impeccable chemistry with Cam Newton and this will continue to help Harry develop as a receiver.

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N’Keal Harry is ready to break out (Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

With the two of them in New England’s new look offense, they will grow and develop into an important part of the team. Make no mistake, they have a bright future and with Cam Newton leading the way, they will continue to make strides.

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