The Inspiration

The sports broadcasting industry is abundant with great announcers, writers and producers. Their captivating shows and/or articles can inspire many to develop an interest in the field and for me, no broadcaster personifies this more than Jim Nantz.

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Jim Nantz with Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick.

Known for his catchphrase “Hello friends”, Nantz’ work is incredible, spanning multiple sports leagues, including, The NFL, The NBA, Division 1 Men’s Basketball, and The PGA Tour. All of this under CBS, where he has worked since the 1980’s. Still going strong at age 61, Jim Nantz has wowed many fans with his analysis, interviews, and his legendary play by play announcing, he could even be credited for helping and grooming the up and coming broadcaster, Tony Romo, known for predicting plays and breaking down schemes when calling games with Nantz during the NFL season. Of course, Nantz is not without awards throughout his career, some of his most notable accomplishments include: an Emmy Award in 2008 and 2009 for Outstanding Sports Personality-Play by Play, The Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award, awarded by none other than the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Basketball Hall of Fame has also awarded him the Curt Gowdy award for broadcasting and Nantz is the 5 time winner of the NSSA’s National Sportscaster of the Year Award.

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Jim Nantz and Tony Romo open Super Bowl 53

Personally, watching Jim Nantz call a game (specifically football, but I can appreciate his other broadcasts) is inspiring. He has the ability to fully immerse the listener in whatever game he commentates. Nantz has the ability to be so informative, yet lively when the game dictates it. Nantz performance’s on air are the best parts of any CBS broadcast, from the Super Bowl to March Madness. His style of announcing, that factual, yet entertaining way of commentating is what every person interested in broadcasting should look to. Whenever I finish one of his broadcasts, I feel informed but still eager to hear more from him, there is no announcer that can keep me engaged quite like him. From his broadcasting to his accolades, Jim Nantz is truly an inspiration.

One thought on “The Inspiration

  1. I Like Nantz. I like how he can do his job, be informative and entertaining with out being arrogant and without resorting to cheap antics- like desperately trying to be funny. Too many personalities doing sports try to make aname for themselves with “Notice me!” gimmicks. Nantz is a pro.
    Nice article- well done.


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